Author Topic: Escape Pod Accepting Submissions for ARTEMIS RISING - now thru Dec. 20  (Read 3796 times)


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Escape Artists presents ARTEMIS RISING: A Celebration of Women in Genre Fiction

Between now and December 20, 2014, Escape Pod is accepting submissions of woman-authored science fiction for ARTEMIS RISING, a month of audio fiction celebrating women in genre fiction, airing in February 2015.

Payment: $0.06 per word for original fiction; $0.03 per word for reprints We are an SFWA qualifying market for original fiction and pay professional rates.

Who can submit?

Anyone who identifies as a woman, to whatever degree that they do.

Additionally, we strongly encourage submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented or excluded from traditional SF publishing, including, but not limited to, people of color, LGBTQ or non-binary gender people, persons with disabilities, members of religious minorities, and people from outside the United States.  Our goal is to publish science fiction that reflects the diversity of the human race, so we strongly encourage submissions from these or any other underrepresented groups.

What can I submit?

Science fiction stories between 2,000 and 6,000 words. You may submit up to 1 original story and 1 reprint for consideration in ARTEMIS RISING, although original stories are strongly preferred. If you already have a submission in regular Escape Pod slush, you may still submit to ARTEMIS RISING.

You can expect a response by mid-January 2015. Although we’ll be accepting a limited number of stories for ARTEMIS RISING, all submissions will also be considered for Escape Pod proper.

How do I submit?

Email your submissions to submit AT escapepod DOT org, using the subject line ARTEMIS RISING SUBMISSION: Storyname (e.g. “ARTEMIS RISING SUBMISSION: Attack of the Killer Space-Whales”)

Please follow regular Escape Pod guidelines for the story’s formatting. In your cover letter, please include the story’s word count, and for reprints, the story’s publication history.

Medical Microfiction: Stories About Science


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I'm immensely confused. Are you really saying that you'll automatically bin all contributions that aren't accompanied by some sort of statement of gender?

I'm not saying that I won't send you a snapchat of me in my sister's underwear to get published. Who wouldn't? But as editorial policies go this does seem to be slightly unhinged.


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And by slightly I mean utterly.


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First of all, it's over - the post said until Dec 20th.  Secondly, we never closed for normal submissions - male gendered people were always free to submit stories.  It's just that those stories wouldn't be considered for the special February event Artemis Rising.  

And no, no proof of gender was required other than saying that you're a woman, or otherwise female identified.  Which doesn't seem unhinged at all to me.  It's a special event, celebrating women creators - who are otherwise under represented, both historically and today.  


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I really enjoy thematic months and thin that Artemis Rising was a great idea. Now, if only I found the time to finally listen to all the stories...


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Man, did we get linked on Kotaku in Action or something?  All the manfeels are suddenly pouring down like sludgy, comically misguided rain.