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on: September 06, 2016, 09:28:45 PM
Episode 212: Selling Home by Tina Connolly

• Narrated by Chloe Yates
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
• Originally appeared in Bull Spec (Issue 6)

Tina Connolly is the author of the Ironskin trilogy from Tor Books, and the Seriously Wicked series from Tor Teen. Her novels have been finalists for the Nebula and the Norton. Tina is also one of the co-hosts of EscapePod, and her narrations have appeared all over including all the Escape Artists podcasts, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and her Parsec-winning flash fiction podcast Toasted Cake. She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon. You can follow her online and on Twitter.

Tina also has just released her first collection of short stories, On The Eyeball Floor and Other Stories from Fairwood Press. Long-time EA fans will remember many of the stories from their previous podcast appearances.

For your narrator we welcome back Chloe Yates. As well as narrating, Chloë writes odd stories. She has written many short stories for the British Fantasy Award winning independent press Fox Spirit Books, and is currently working on both a collection and a novel for them. English born, she currently lives in the middle of Switzerland with her bearded paramour, Mr Y, and their disapproving dog, Miss Maudie. You can find her online and on Twitter, and if you’re very luck, the bar of the occasional British convention…

Sharp metal nicked Penny's shoulder and she stumbled, hand clasping her baby brother's leg.  Home giggled as her knees hit the asphalt.  Penny felt for the bit of metal scrap as the cars inched past, above, below, up and down all the decks of the Bridge.
"Mo, mo," demanded Home, and she absently tickled his foot as she stood.  It was a rusting bit of hubcap, sharp and warm.  The day was dusk now, the sun vanishing in smog, but she didn't need to see perfectly to gauge its value.

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Reply #1 on: September 09, 2016, 02:17:55 AM
I think (as of this story) Tina may be the only "Double Full House" member - meaning she's got both author credit AND narrator credit in all four podcasts!

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Reply #2 on: September 22, 2016, 03:07:09 PM
Well done!  Well told, sympathetic characters, and of making the difficult choice that breaking up the family may be what's best for it.


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Reply #3 on: December 01, 2016, 10:19:49 PM
I really enjoyed the uncomfortable future Dickensian tone to this.

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