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on: November 01, 2016, 11:15:21 PM
Episode 217: Boys' Night by Rebecca Birch

• Narrated by Dave Thompson
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
A Cast of Wonders original!

Happy Halloween!

Rebecca Birch is a science fiction and fantasy writer based in Seattle, Washington. She’s a classically trained soprano, holds a deputy black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and enjoys spending time in the company of trees. Her fiction has appeared in markets including Nature, Cricket, and Flash Fiction Online. She is also a two-time finalist in the Writers of the Future contest. Check our her website, Words of Birch, or Twitter.

Dave Thompson is a teacher who lives in Southern California with his wife, three children, and eight chickens. He is an author, narrator, and sometimes Escape Artist who keeps getting pulled back in for one last job. (Actually, he always hopes it’s never the last job.) He’s lost NaNoWriMo twice and is the former editor of PodCastle. He doesn’t like to talk about himself in the third person, but he finds he is totally okay writing about himself in that way. Check out his website, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Walter Ocherman rolled along the two-lane highway at five miles an hour under the speed limit, scanning the road's left-hand side for the turn-off to his uncle's old pumpkin farm.  Marked by nothing more than a dilapidated sign-post that might once have been green, the overgrown dirt road hidden between two poplars was easy to miss on a good day.  The fog that rolled in off the river made finding the place harder, but nothing was going to wipe the grin off Walter's lips.  Today was Halloween and his ex, Minnie, had agreed to let their son come out to the farm with him for the night.  Their first boys' night in almost a year.

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Note: This episode has been renumbered to be in line sequentially now, and the issue with not being able to download through your podcatcher should now be resolved. Thank you for sticking with us!


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Fun Halloween story!  Great reading too!