Author Topic: Looking for a story  (Read 5918 times)


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on: May 23, 2020, 02:10:30 PM
Today during lunch I was hit by a wave of memory of a story I listened to, possibly last year's summer (but no guarantees it was published then, since I often accumulate a backlog). To be honest I'm not even sure it was an EA story. I remember listening to it, and I don't think it was long enough to be an audiobook. EA podcasts are pretty much the only fiction podcasts I listen to, so there's a chance. By the style of the story, I'm imagining either PseudoPod or PodCastle.

This was a story taking place in a strange house (possibly a boarding house, there were people who came and went and disappeared). It was a bit "new weird", a bit fantasy, a bit horror. The story talked about several of the people who lived in the house: one of these people was a woman who lived with her husband, but her husband worked night shifts and she was around in the morning. The narrator suspected the woman was a victim of domestic abuse because of the sounds she heard from her apartment, but it's revealed this woman actually supernaturally turned into a man at night  and she herself was the "husband" who went out to work each day.
I'm thinking the house was a bit of a supernatural entity in itself that required sacrifices. Maybe the narrator was next in line to take over the position as the housekeeper?

Thank you for any help!