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on: September 09, 2015, 10:44:06 AM
Book covers can make a huge impact on whether a book will sell successfully or not, particularly when it comes to the eBook market. Therefore, it is necessary to have a book cover that looks great and can get the message across and easily grab a person’s attention and curiosity the moment he/she looks at the book. With there being so many books around, some of whom is the work of the greatest writers and designers, to stand out, you need to think outside the box and let your creativity flow. Here are some creative ideas you can use for your book covers:

Let the Image Do the Talking
Let go of the text and the fancy formatting and just put up one amazing and powerful image. This can not only grab attention but compel the viewer to open the book and read what it’s about. How to Speak at Public Events is a good example, using this idea quite effectively.

Do Not Be Afraid To Do Things Differently to Convey the Message
Virtually, all books have text written in a horizontal line but provided it fits the theme, you can change the angles and make it stand out. If you are publishing a book in a saturated market, sticking out can be a problem but by sticking to a minimalist and simple theme for the cover, your book can stick out in the otherwise cluster of detailed and vivid mess. Books such as Last Chance by Fiona Maazel are a perfect example of the former while Impossible Motherhood by Irene Vilar is for the latter.

Get Straight To the Point
Get the interest of the right type of audience by creating a cover which shows what the book is about quite easily to the reader. However, such books are rare as not only is it hard to get this type of cover right but often cover designers prefer not to keep things simple. A perfect example of this would be the cover of “Valkyrie” by Philipp von Boeselager.

Make the Cover Eye-Catching
If it’s a kid’s book or the theme of the book is not serious, it is a wise idea to make the cover bright and full of colors. Readers and particularly the younger audiences are, by nature, attracted to bright, colorful things, capitalize on this and make an exciting cover that one cannot help but look at. An example that fits this category would be Experimental Geography by Nato Thampson.

The key to getting a book cover which incorporates one or more of these ideas in an effective way is hiring an experienced, professional book cover designer. Find the best and you will get the best cover possible for your book.


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Of course when you go for a publisher, you usually have little to no control over the cover, and suggesting a cover as a new author is - as far as I know - seen as unprofessional.