Author Topic: Call for Submissions--[Seven Eleven Stories: Volume 2]  (Read 2744 times)


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on: February 23, 2016, 04:21:48 AM
Hi folks-- I have just found and joined escapeartists to announce a call for submissions to a fairly new epub called Seven Eleven Stories. As you might guess from the title, the concept is fiction touching base at a convenience store in some way. This second volume is also open to submissions including public transport. Our first volume came out last Halloween, and since this is a writing forum, I will release the Smashwords code for your use in considering your submissions--please keep it to yourself, or share it with only this purpose in mind on your honor.

Search for Seven Eleven Stories: Volume 1 on Smashwords,
and here is the free code: LW86Q
OR, if you feel like throwing in a buck for the thing instead, you can use this discount code: JV93A -- much appreciated if you do.

While this first collection went over the top in surrealism and the absurd, I am especially (not exclusively) looking to include grittier, darkly grounded work this round--voices with influences like Jim Carroll, Henry Miller.

Send your stories (memoir is also fine) to

or check out the website -- sevenelevenstories dot com.

Payment will be based on sales, and not until there are enough sales to amount to at least twenty dollars to each contributor--I will promote aggressively with that end in mind for each issue.

Thanks, Best -- Barnaby