Author Topic: New Serial Horror Podcast Set in the World of Darkness RPG/Modern Day Queens  (Read 3778 times)


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Hi all,

Happy to be back after a lengthy hiatus. As long as I've had access to podcasts, EA has been a guiding light for quality and inspiration.

I'm Uncle Yo, geek and anime comedian, and I've launched a new podcast through Lybsin and my Youtube Channel.

"Chroniclers of Darkness" is a mini-series of narrative horror podcast set in the RPG world of White Wolf's New World of Darkness and modern day Queens.
Every 6 episodes, I let listeners direct where the story goes, what game takes over the narrative, and who lives to tell their tale anew. We're just wrapping up our Vampire: the Requiem story this Friday. You can find "Be Kine to Your Neighbors" at Yo and I really hope you enjoy it.

So glad to be back! Haunt on!