Author Topic: So, here is a horrible nightmare that I had  (Read 1987 times)


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on: February 08, 2010, 08:30:58 PM
Have you ever had a nightmare so horrible, that the entire world looks brighter, and happier, when you wake up?
I just woke up screaming and scratching at my face a few minutes ago, so I figured I would share this dream I had, while it's still fresh.
This was a very vivid dream, and I think it actually makes sense to me, personally.

So, I rent a room from some odd people, in a run-down old tenement building.
It's dusty, and dark, there are cracks on the walls.
I'm a roomer, and I don't ever see my fellow roomers, although I'm aware that they're here.
I'm not terribly interested in seeing them, but I would like to at least know what they look like.
I hear them walking around sometimes.

I don't notice it at first, but, there's something "wrong" in the bathroom.
At first I don't acknowledge it.
It's on the far wall, where the window is supposed to be.
I don't really get a good look at it, the lighting isn't very good, and it just appears to be some strange shapes and shadows on the far wall.
I hear a strange clicking sound.

I keep getting phone-calls from people, but, every time I pick up the phone, it's too distorted to make out.
I can't understand a word that they're saying, but I think they're telling me that I'm in danger.

I hear the clicking at the far corners of every room, and I'm vaguely aware that there's something here that doesn't belong.
I feel dizzy.

Every single light in this apartment only emits a pale yellow glow, which makes this entire place friendly for shadows.

I decided to go back to the bathroom again.
I look at the filthy, scratched mirror, and I can't make out my own reflection.
I look back at the wall where I first noticed that things weren't quite right, and, I can't.
It's like staring at the sun, my eyes won't let me.
I feel a blinding pain when I try to keep my eyes open.
In frustration, I grab my right eye, and use both hands to pry my eyelid open, but my eye rolls back up into it's socket, in pain.
I still did get a brief glimpse of it, and, just the sight of it made me feel so sick that I fell onto the floor.
It was like the wall of the apartment was being eaten by some sort of black fungus, but it was so hard to see because of the dark.
It was moving though.
I could tell that it must have darted onto the ceiling and the walls around me, because I couldn't bring myself to look at anything but the tile floor.

Keeping my head faced down, I struggled to my feet, and shambled out the bathroom door.

The living room had degraded now, it stank, and the only light was from a tiny reading lamp, yellow, and barely visible.
I tripped, and could only look at the floor, as I heard the shadows envelop me.

I'm certain that I'm about to die, but I still want to look at the thing that's chasing me.
I can't.
I wonder if anyone ever lived here, and I wonder whether I ever existed.
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woah... your brain sorts synapsys in a horibly twisted and awesome way...
so. totaly. rad.