Author Topic: Dare I Say...?  (Read 1758 times)


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on: February 20, 2010, 06:38:04 AM
At the risk of being accused of spamming the site, I want to let you know that my new web presence is up.  Go to:  while I've made only one appearance on Escape Pod, that was as the reader of Eugie Foster's wonderful (and now Nebula Nominated) SINNER, BAKER, FABULIST, PRIEST, RED MASK, BLACK MASK, GENTLEMAN, BEAST. features demo clips from my own and other people's writing.  Yes.  I'm looking for paying gigs as a reader.  So...  There it is.  By about March 1, the site will feature extended samples from my novel, JUST NORTH OF NOWHERE and my new collection scheduled for release in spring, 2010.

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