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Gallimaufry / Re: New Member/Listeners
« Last post by MosesDuchek on Yesterday at 12:36:47 AM »
I'm saying hello so my account survives. I appreciate the protection for any unpublished work from the myriad bot armies.
Flash Fiction Contest VII -- Cast of Wonders / THE SEMI-FINAL ROUND IS OPEN!
« Last post by Languorous Lass on December 03, 2022, 05:03:43 AM »
Okay, folks, the semi-final round is officially open

There are four groups of semi-finalists, with ten stories in each.  (The math worked out nicely.)  The stories for each group were selected through a randomized Google Sheets sort of all of the semi-finalists, to minimize the chances that an author's work would be competing against the same stories from the previous round. 

Once again, you'll be voting for your three favorites from each group.  The semi-final round will be open for ten days, to give you plenty of time to make those tough choices, and to ease the very real risk of voter fatigue.

We continue to encourage comments on the stories -- in fact, the lively conversations in the comment sections have been among the most engaging parts of previous contests.  Plus your constructive criticism (and praise) may help others decide which stories to vote for, as well as help the author-contestants hone their craft.  As I did at the beginning, I'm recommending checking out this thread from a previous Escape Pod contest, in which participants talked about what kind of feedback they'd like to get on their stories.

As with Round 1, the top three vote-getters from each group will move on to the final round, and the names of the authors of the stories that don't make it to the finals will be revealed. 

If you have any questions about this process, or see an issue that needs to be dealt with, please feel free to message me, Languorous Lass, here in the Forum.  I check this board regularly -- this contest feels like my baby, and I want to make sure it's thriving! 

To quote Escape Pod founder Serah Eley:  "Have fun!"
Hi folks -- just a reminder that Cast of Wonders is open for general story submissions until Thursday, December 1, at 6 pm UTC.  So if the Flash Fiction Contest has gotten you excited about the idea of having us publish one of your stories, now's the time to submit!  We won't be open for general submissions again until June 2023 (though we'll be having special calls before then -- see the schedule here).  Check out the short summary of what we're looking for in the CoW section of the Forum here, or if you'd prefer to head right over to our guidelines page (which is where you'll find the link for submissions), you can find it here.  Hope to see your stories!
Hi folks -- we're almost ready for the semi-finals!  The voting for Round 1, Group 12, will close on December 2, and the semi-final round will open on the following day (December 3)

There will be four groups of semi-finalists, with either nine or ten stories in each (depending on how many semi-finalists are selected from Group 12).  All four groups will be posted at the same time..  Once again, the stories for each group will be randomly selected by computer, to minimize the possibility that the same stories will be competing against each other this go-round. 

As in Round 1, you'll be asked to pick your three favorites from each group.  Voting will remain open for ten days, to give you plenty of time to make those tough decisions. 

The winners from the semi-final round will move on to the final round, which should open within a day or so of the closure of the semi-finals.  (More on that round as it gets closer.)  Just to remind you:  the top three stories from the final round will be the big winners.  Cast of Wonders will purchase those stories, and they'll be run as a podcast episode.  So your comments and votes become more and more important as the contest moves on!

Thanks to the authors whose stories didn't make it to the semi-finals.  We know you worked hard on your stories, and we appreciate your participation in the contest.  We hope that the comments you received on your own stories were helpful, and that you continue to vote and comment on the stories that make it to the next couple of rounds.  That community spirit is what CoW is all about.

And please keep writing and submitting your work to us! 

Episode Comments / Re: Ep791: Rights And Wrongs
« Last post by CryptoMe on November 30, 2022, 05:01:12 PM »
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was extremely well done. Loved the Perry Mason/Columbo/Law&Order trope done with aliens.  It was FUN!
Episode Comments / Re: EP 789: The Machine That Would Rewild Humanity
« Last post by CryptoMe on November 30, 2022, 04:56:50 PM »
Yes, everything Álex Souza said, including the Love, Death, and Robots episode.
Episode Comments / Re: EP 788: Broken (Flashback Friday)
« Last post by CryptoMe on November 30, 2022, 04:50:50 PM »
Interesting perspective, Álex Souza. Though, by the end, I find the character intriguingly strong and capable in his own way, not pitiable at all.
Episode Comments / Re: EP509: Broken
« Last post by CryptoMe on November 30, 2022, 04:48:22 PM »
It's always interesting to go back and read what you wrote about a "flashback" story after you heard it the first time.

My opinions this time around haven't changed much. The lack of details didn't seem to bother me as much this time around and I would really like to hear more from this universe.
Gallimaufry / Re: New Member/Listeners
« Last post by CJBurke on November 25, 2022, 04:02:55 PM »
I write SFF & horror, and am one of the contestant's in Cast of Wonder's 2022 flash fic contest! Wish me luck!

Good luck! I'm here for the same thing. I'm SFF, not much horror, but if something prompts me in that direction...
Gallimaufry / Re: New Member/Listeners
« Last post by Languorous Lass on November 25, 2022, 07:29:35 AM »
Happy to have all of you!